Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Father of The Fatherless

Today I heard this comment-the best way to further evil is for the righteous to do nothing.

Psalm 68:5 says "God is a Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwellings." Although my father died before I was 3 and every family member turned their back on my mother and my sister and myself God received me. Psalm 27:10 says I can call out to Him "You are my Father, my god, the Rock, My Saviour" and Psalm 89:26 says " God is the perfect father."

I am going through some of the journals I wrote from time to time over the years and following is one of my writings. I am a sometimes taxi driver, as is my husband Jim who drives cab full time.

One of the favourite titles I remember as a T.V. series was the NAKED CITY because of the quote when the show began , there are a million stories in the Naked City and this is just one of them."



God's got a million mysteries in this dark and empty city. Let's begin our search as a new one unfolds.

The city is a satellite that mergers to a major cosmopolitans giant to the south. The night is beginning uneventfully as those that preceded. Senior citizens returning from the walk-in clinics, students going to the mall, men winding to the bars, then home and so forth. Tips were fair as the shift began to grow until close to the end.

On the post catching some shut eye when the dispatcher calls "car for area 12!" I booked and got the order, went to the address. A man came out and said "you're not a big enough car." I had to leave and gave way to a Lincoln Town car. Oh well time to go home so I thought. "Car need for area 5!" Wow! that's me. "Car Five O go to #5 Wellduck Road and buzz 007!" Pulling up in front of the doors, an elderly lady steps out and waved. "I want tot go to Pilkering Rd." Where, "Pikering Rd." Looking in the MAPS book found everything else but Pilkering no Rd.
I radioed the dispatcher for directions which I proceeded to follow. All along the way the lady laughed a lot and I wondered. Suddenly she said " I've got a secret. " What is that I asked. " I'm not going to tell you!" She replied. " I'm 73 years old and I got baptized in the Holy Spirit 60 years ago, but I don't go to church any more because those people don't understand me." Approaching a coffee shop I offered to get her some coffee. She declined the coffee but asked for some milk. We pulled to the drive through and I bought her some milk. As we continued I asked if she knew any songs and we sang Jesus loves me, and This little light of mine I'm going to let it shine. I continued driving, driving and driving. I never did find Pilkering Rd.. I apologized to the woman. She said "Don't worry, all things work together for good, just take me home. "
I said "since I didn't get you where you wanted you don't owe me anything." She said "I have lots of money, here have this and thank you." She handed me a $100 bill. I felt bad, but she would be angry if i gave it back! What a night! /will I ever understand how God works. Thank you, good night and blessings,
Mrs. Sunshine (Lady Cab)

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